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Nikiszowiec Settlement

The beginnings of Nikiszowiec are closely related to the “Giesche” mine, which in the years 1903–1904, in the field “Reserve”, commenced the construction of two new shafts “Carmer” (currently “Pułaski”) and “Nickisch (currently “Poniatowski”) in order to mine new coal beds. To attract new staff, it was necessary to provide them with a proper place of residence. The colony was built in 1908–1915. It comprises 9 compact building quarters connected by means of characteristic batten plates and the parish church of St. Ann from 1927. The settlement is the background of many films on Upper Silesia. The site is entered on the list of Monuments of History.

Route chronicle

Nikiszowiec settlement in Katowice was established 102 years ago. It was designed by Emil and George Zillmann. According to the standards of those times, it offered an extremely high standard of life. Nevertheless, there were no bathrooms in flats, as due to the poor knowledge regarding ventilation in the building industry, constructors wanted to avoid moisture in rooms. However, there was a very modern wash-house with a mangle house and a bath. The full cleaning cycle in the mangle house lasted 3 hours. Special electric boilers were used for washing, while drying was performed in cupboards with the hot air blow. The entire cycle was completed with mangling, with the application of mangles equipped with electric drive.

street Rymarska 4
40-425 Katowice
Upper Silesian Agglomeration, Silesia
in the city/town
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: working-class settlements, historic buildings/urban arrangement, technology monuments
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