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Wilson Shaft Gallery

The pithead building and baths of the former “Richthofen” (“Wilson”) shaft of the “Giesche” (“Wieczorek”) mine from 1918 was designed by Emil and George Zillmann. After the closedown of the mine, it was adapted for a modern art gallery.
The area of the gallery is approximately 2500 m2 and comprises three exhibition rooms where displays, happenings, concerts and film shows of Polish as well as foreign artists are held. The building is located right next to the historic Nikiszowiec settlement.

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The Wilson Shaft Gallery in Katowice is located in the pit shaft of the former “Wieczorek” mine and its history started 184 years ago. The architectural design of the shaft was performed by the authors of designs of Giszowiec and Nikiszowiec - the Zillmans. Wilson Shaft is one of the largest galleries in Central Europe. It occupies the area of almost 2500 m2. Still 33 years ago, within the premises of the gallery a mining company operated, which was composed of two pit shafts, a bath, a pithead building and a sorting plant. The story of the famous Janów Group is very strongly connected with the place where the Gallery is situated. It was a group of painters-amateurs, miners by profession, established in the middle of the 20th c. Its members were the inspiration for the film “Angelus” directed by Lech Majewski. The first show of the film was held in the post-industrial space of the Wilson Shaft Gallery in 2001.

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