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Museum of the Silesian Press

It is the only museum of this type in Poland, located in a historic tenement house from the turn of the 19th century. The Museum of the Silesian Press was established in 1985 by Aleksander Spyra. In the former typographical office each visitor may imprint a commemorative print on a historical press in person. Here, each visitor has a chance to feel as a 19th-century printer who manually activated the press mechanism. The machine of Boston type made available to visitors was manufactured in the workshop of Emil Kahle in Leipzig in 1850. In the room, the entire equipment of the printing house is presented.

Route chronicle

Here you can learn about the history of regional press publications. In Upper Silesia, press in the Polish language started to be published already in the period of the European Revolutions. One of the first newspapers of this type was “Dziennik Górnoszlązki” published in Bytom 162 years ago. Originally, the newspaper contained reprints of articles published in Poznań, Cracow, Warsaw or Lviv, yet along with the 16th issue of the newspaper, its profile changed. A cycle of legends and stories from Silesia prepared by Józef Lompa started to be printed there, there were articles on the history of the region and local events were described. Soon, due to the “Dziennik Górnoszlązki”, public reading rooms were opened in Silesia in Bytom, Woźniki, Rybnik and Lubliniec. These were first public libraries in Upper Silesia with Polish books.

ulica Piastowska 26
43-200 Pszczyna
Śląsk, Region Pszczyński
w centrum miasta, w mieście
: +48 32 2101627
: +48 502557804
Informacje ogólne
: muzea, technika i nauka, ekspozycje/wystawy, zabytki techniki, źródła historii
Ceny i udogodnienia
: dzieci, seniorzy
: przewodnik
: możliwa wizyta z dzieckiem
: whole year

Wtorek-Sobota  10:00 – 14:00
Niedziela  14:00 – 18:00 (wyłącznie od kwietnia do września)



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