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Szyb Maciej Restaurant

     Coal mine Shaft Maciej is a complex of buildings of the former coal mine "Concordia" which is situated in the district of Zabrze - Maciejów.

    It is the only tourist attraction located on two routes: the Industrial Monuments Route and "Silesian Tastes" Culinary Trail. Interior design refers to the trends of post-industrial buildings. Here you can try an excellent meal and feel the unique atmosphere of this place.   

     Interesting exhibitions, concerts, culinary workshops, meetings, conferences  - these are just some of the cultural events that take place at "Szyb Maciej".

    The basis of the menu are high-quality products from reliable suppliers and water from their own shots. The water is extracted from a depth of 80 meters where it is naturally filtered through a layer of rocks of Triassic origin, which results in its high mineral content. Coffee, tea, soups, sauces and even desserts prepared on the water have a much better flavor. Each week, the lunch menu is changed and in the evenings, one can enjoy specialties from the menu a la carte. 

Restaurant "Szyb Maciej" is a member of the Silesian Tastes Culinary Trail. 

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street Srebrna 6
41-819 Zabrze
Silesia, Upper Silesian Agglomeration
in the city/town
General Information
: restaurant, bistro, szlak kulinarny
: international, Silesian, Polish, regional
Contact data
: +48 32 323 14 75
Prices & amenities
: we accept card payments, we speak English, car park
: whole year

From Tuesday to Sunday from 13:00 to 22:00.

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It is a family confectionery that was founded in early 1990s.