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“Elektrownia” Contemporary Art Gallery

Still until the mid 1990s, the time in the mine power plant was measured by the rhythm of miners’ work. It lasted for over 100 years when from the beginning of its history the mine, which was part of the estate of the Mining and Industrial Association “Saturn”, was managed by Charles William II Scheibler and Alfred Biedermann, known as “kings of Łódź cotton”, representing the richest Europeans of those times. Today, the former power plant is vibrant with new life - passing days and months determine dates of subsequent artistic meetings. In the entourage of powerful machines which are hiding an exceptional beauty inside, and once they generated electric energy, among flywheels with the names of their owners and control desks, the work is still going on - this is the energy derived from countless sources of art! Current power plant is an open space, friendly for anyone, not only for connoisseurs and experts. Everyone will find something interesting in the “Power Plant”. Route chronicle The entire truth and legend of the “Promised Land” by Reymont is connected with the “Power Plant” Gallery. It was inter alia in Zagłębie Dąbrowskie where owners and administrators of the Mining and Industrial Association “Saturn” - Charles II Scheibler and Alfred, Ph.D., had their industrial assets - Łódź was their industrial “nursery”, while in Zagłębie the following plants operated for the purposes of the textile production: three mines: Saturn - in Czeladź and Mars and Jowisz in Wojkowice, cement mills and sawmills; here they had shares in the association “Power and energy” and Dąbrowa Trams. Minister Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski visited them in Czeladź to honour them with highest awards for the contribution in the development of Polish industry. When Andrzej Wajda was making the film “Promised Land”, in the power plant in Czeladź a large flywheel was found which was the reason of the death of one of the workers. The wheel exists until this day - and in 1903, when it was placed here, it was named... Charles.
street Dehnelów 45
41-250 Czeladź
Upper Silesian Agglomeration, Dąbrowa Basin
in the city/town
Contact data
: +48 32 263 00 88
General Information
: cultural & art institutions, expositions/exhibitions, architectural monuments, technology monuments, galleries
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: admission free
: whole year

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