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Drill Mine of the “Sztygarka” Town Museum

The mine was established in 1927 as a training facility of the Stanisław Staszic State School of Mining and Metallurgy. In historic excavations with the total length of 800 meters, mining machines and equipment were presented which were used in the mining industry in the second half of the 20th century.

Route chronicle

The mine is composed of excavations located at three levels connected with inclined drifts. At the lowest level, a wall of coal is made available in the bed numbered as 401. Due to the mining conditions prevailing in the Drill Mine (temperature of 11-12 degrees C, air humidity 80-90%) it is recommended to use comfortable (full) footwear and warmer clothes. Additionally, visitors will be given protective jackets, helmets and personal lighting.
The Drill Mine is located in the south-eastern part of the mining area of the former hard coal mine “Paryż” which owes its name to the mining shaft opened in 1884. The Drill Mine was established 80 years ago for training purposes, to teach students of mining schools about the place of their future work.

street Legionów Polskich 69
41-300 Dąbrowa Górnicza
Dąbrowa Górnicza
Dąbrowa Basin
in the city/town, underground
Contact data
: +48 32 7264185
General Information
: 40 min.
: 60 min.
: górnictwo i hutnictwo, underground tourist routes, technology monuments
Prices & amenities
: Price list on the website.
: children, pupils
: guide
: car park, bus parking station, bicycle parking station, bicycle parking station, guide included in the ticket price
: whole year

Monday: closed
Tuesday : 9 am-3 pm
Wednesday: 9 am-3 pm
Thursday : 10 am-7 pm
Friday : 9 am-3 pm
Saturday : 8:45 am- 3 pm
Sunday: 12 pm-4 pm

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