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The Museum of the Duke’s Brewery

Opened in 2004, Tyskie Brovarium is a beer tour centre which includes the largest exhibition devoted to brewing in Poland, a 3D cinema and a pub. Apart from the centre, it is also possible to visit historic buildings of the Tychy Duke’s Brewery (established in 1629) including the still operating brew house from 1915, the management building from 1905, a cooperage workshop and a tar plant from the end of the 19th century and a contemporary beer bottling line.
During a trip to Tyskie Brovarium you can see closely how beer is brewed. The Brewery is an architectural treasure, and at the same time a production plant working in full swing. The brewery plant and a bottling line with bottles hurrying at 60 thousand pieces per hour make a strong impression on visitors.

Route chronicle

In our region beer has been brewed for almost 400 years. 1629 is considered to be the beginning of the existence of the Brewery in Tychy. Many people who left their stamps on the Tychy Brewery are connected with this place. They include: John Henry XI Hochberg von Pless - prince of Pszczyna. It is to him that the brewery owes its splendour. He was an aristocrat and industrialist, owner of a coal mine and cellulose factory, broad lands and forests. He claimed that Tychy brewery was the jewel among his assets. Julius Müller - a brewery foreman, who in the 19th c. implemented the bottom fermentation beer production process - of the still popular pale beer. Princess Daisy - daughter-in-law of John Henry XI, famous for her beauty across Europe.

street Katowicka 9
43-100 Tychy
Silesia, Upper Silesian Agglomeration
in the city/town
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Monday - Saturday: 10 am - 8 pm

: Sightseeing is intended only for adults. It requires prior reservation.

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